One of the questions we're often asked when we first meet with clients is what we do. It's an interesting question, and one that has been perpetrated by varying agency offerings. In brief, the Spin&Co. PR team work to generate coverage, or exposure of your brand in key media outlets and platforms. Think exposure on the TODAY Show, or in VOGUE magazine. The idea is that your brand will be featured editorially, or naturally in the flow of content the magazine produces, thus reaching your audience at no additional cost. The Spin&Co. PR team are experts in generating coverage across a broad range of media and our clients have been featured in everything from the TODAY Show, to ELLE Magazine, Kyle & Jackie O, and many more.


For many people they're confused by advertising and PR. The easiest example to demonstrate the difference is a a mornings news program like TODAY. If you're hearing about a brand, or products as part of a news segment, there's a good chance a PR agent or publicist is behind it. If you're watching an advertisement in the break, you're watching advertising. PR is arguably the best way to expose your brand to your target market. By incorporating your business, brand or product in editorial or a news segment, your essentially receiving a third party endorsement from the publication or outlet. An outlet or publication which has already established trust with their viewer, which will ultimately draw their customers to your business.


Emily Skye on MORNINGS


Social + Influencers

The Spin&Co. digital team are experts in devising highly responsive campaigns for use across the digital landscape.

Whilst social media marketing is on the radars of companies and brands across the country, it's still yet to be harnessed for maximum results. Using a strong strategy, social media can be used to generate considerable increases in sales and exposure.

A recently explosion in the influencer space has lead many companies to spend considerable budgets on bloggers, Instagrammers and the like, some with very small returns. Our team know the landscape and the players, so we can ensure your campaign is highly responsive, achieves real results for you.



Small + Large

The Spin&Co. events team are masters of their profession. Whether they're creating an intimate launch event, or a national tour, they're success is undeniable. 

If you're business is looking to bring your customers together, media or even clients, now is the time to speak to the events team. 

From bespoke banquet events, to fashion shows, launch parties, Christmas gala's, ballroom banquets and everything in between the team have done it, and know how to work to your budget and ensure your guests enjoy a night they won't forget. The team have constructed events with 10 - 2000 people.

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